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The 5 Best Mystery Series’ for Young Readers

5. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

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Four children embark on a mysterious quest to stop a maniac who has his mind set upon controlling all of the youth in the world. Can they stop them – or will they be brainwashed as well?

4. The Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch

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Two kids get wrapped up in an intricate plot that, unless stopped, will lead to the destruction of the world as we know it. Filled with riddles, ploys, and troublesome dilemmas, will they figure out the mystery before it’s too late?

3. Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

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These classic books featuring female sleuth Nancy Drew are always intriguing, complicated, and confusing. Will Nancy solve the case…or lose everything?

2. Wells and Wong Detective Society by Robin Stevens

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These stunningly British novels will always surprise you with both their wit and their mysteries. Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are two girls that would never have become friends until they discover they both share a secret passion – mysteries.

1. Ruby Redfort by Lauren Child

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Ruby Redfort is a kid genius with a big mouth who doesn’t know when to shut up. She doesn’t realize what she’s missing until her butler turns out to have another reason for being hired. Once she figures out his secrets, it’s all a hop, skip and a jump to becoming something way cooler than your average schoolgirl.
-Isadora C., St. Paul’s, 7th Grade, age 12
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