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Review – The Heartbreakers

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak
Stella hates the band The Heartbreakers, but her twin sister (who has cancer), loves the them. Stella loves her sister so much, she would drive to Chicago with her triplet, Drew, and stand in a line and wait to have a CD signed, only to end up leaving without an autograph. Stella suddenly realizes that the cute boy she bumped into at Starbucks who paid for her drink  was the lead singer for the Heartbreakers and, get this, Stella insulted his music in front of the entire band, told him to his face that his music sucks. But then spending one night with the band changes everything; she gets a job doing what she loves most and she gets to hang out with the band, she falls in love, gets her heart broken, and has to make a decision that includes her sister.
I love this book because I love how the author made Stella have so many options and choices to make. I love how this book has so many obstacles and with each choice Stella makes, she ends up in an adventure to find who she really is. This book also gives you a major reality check on whats going on around you. I love how the author makes one character end up doing something so astonishing. I also like this book because every girl wants a job doing what she likes without having to work super hard and also being able to hang out with her friends at the same time.
Megan C., 10 years old, Glorietta Elementary, 5th grade
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