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Review – Nowhere But Here

Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

This book is about a girl named Emily and her messed up family tree where her mom hides the past of her biological father and the time of her birth. But when Emily’s mom finds out that her mother in-law from the past has died, it puts her mother in a sad state;  Emily will have to go to the wake and meet with the crazy family of her biological father, Eli. But her family brings a bundle of surprises. The Olivia situation is not as simple at it seems, she meets a gorgeous boy in her family’s group of friends who she might possibly fall in love with, and there is an illegal gang out for revenge on Eli and decide to take it out on Emily. Oh, and did I mention that her family is a biker gang? When a series of unchangeable events happen, Emily must get past the lies and get to the truth because that is the only way she will make it out unscathed.
I love this book because it has a series of plot twists that will change Emily’s future and will bring her to love her crazy and deranged family, and it will give her the truth of what her mother has been hiding, what everyone’s been hiding. I also love the new love that Emily and Oz start.
I recommend this book to kids 11 and above.
Megan C, Fifth grade, Glorietta Elementary, age 11
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